To manage a rapidly running web site, you must have a plain and well crafted back–end code. Within the Site Control Panel, you will find a collection of applications that can help you accelerate your website’s overall performance without having to edit anything in the code. The Web Accelerator Programs – Varnish, Node.js, and Memcached will not just assist you to provide quicker streaming speeds to your website visitors and so minimize bounce percentage, but also will drive your web site higher in the search engine results positioning.

To work with the Web Accelerator Programs, simply just access your Site Control Panel and create an instance for the acceleration tool you like.


RAM–memorizing as a substitute for data base requests

The Memcached tool is designed for raising site loading rates by storing the data–base info that is requested from your website visitors. It is a powerful distributed memory caching platform, allowing for information and objects to be stored in the RAM as opposed to being requested whenever a user goes to a website.

This platform is great for your database–powered sites or apps in which your visitors devote a lot of time searching and also loading information. Memcached can be found in the advanced resources part of the Site Control Panel.

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RAM–saving as a substitute for HTTP requests

Should you have content–intense active web sites with a lot of photographs plus clips, you will certainly need to make sure that your pages stream very quickly for your site visitors. An incredible instrument you may use is the Varnish HTTP acceleration application that will assist you to quicken up your sites without demanding that you possess any particular computing competencies.

Varnish caches all demands to the server in the server’s RAM and ships the web pages immediately to the website visitor by making unnecessary fresh calls towards the server. That way, all web pages on your web site are going to be opened 300 – 1000x times more quickly for your site visitors. You can even decide on if the incoming requests will be handled by Varnish, or by the server, and so on.

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Make flexible web applications with ease

Node.js comes with a modern–day programming program for producing flexible apps and web sites in record time. It can be employed for almost everything – from dealing with API calls, streaming files and parsing emails to converting pictures, music files, videos and office documents.

It’s powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and uses an event–based, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it lightweight and efficient. Moreover, Node.js features a substantial assistance community that makes frequent updates to the platform and is also always able to provide support.

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